Results 2014


Congratulations to Derek Shoesmith who along with teammates Peter Astle (Gt Yarmouth) and Jerome Morais (Hethersett) have qualified to represent England at the Home Nations match against Scotland and Wales to be held in Mansfield in August.


The Club's final tournament of the season was the Circle in the Sand Pairs held on Walcott beach on Sunday 10th August. This proved to be the worst Sunday of what has been a lovely summer, we had torrential rain, thunder storm and at one point hail! We had to unfortunately abandon the competition for the first time after the third round of four with the results as they stood at that time. The winners proved to be James Urquhart and Curtis Hoy both from Wanderers St Faiths. Runners up were Glenn Harcourt and Keith Burgess (Sprowston) and third place were Janet and Mick Wicks from (Norwich).


The Nine Boule Triples was held on Saturday 28th June but inclement weather prior to the event contributed to a lower than expected entry.

Despite this the event produced some very close encounters with all teams losing at least one game.

At the conclusion it was apparent that Claudine Guillmain, Ray Beales and Graham Beales of Gauloises were the winners following a last match 8-7 victory against the fourth placed team comprising Jackie Knowles, Bob Urquhart and Robert Knowles.

The runners up were Georgie Wright, Chris Cunningham and Chris Peel with Pam Cracknell, Phil Pearson and Louise Smith in third place.


Wanderers St Faiths Petanque Club embarked on a hectic two days with a come and try barbecue Friday evening session for thirty-six members of Meet Norwich who seemed to enjoy their experience and were able to benefit from the excellent bar facilities at the St Faiths Centre after the event.

Pre-planning was not helped by adverse weather conditions during the day which resulted in the need for terrain maintenance before the event. Fortunately the rain had cleared by the evening to enable activities to proceed as planned.

It is pleasing to advise that a further event is planned to be held on Friday 30th May for another thirty-six members of the Meet Norwich group, who could not be accommodated on the first session.


Forward to Saturday and the annual Russell Harris Fun Pairs tournament with various bonus starts for inexperienced players and young people plus a pre-selected double score joker round.

Once again terrain maintenance was required following overnight rain and a showery forecast for the day, but fortunately only one very little shower occurred during play.

With not many entries expected due to the adverse weather forecast it was particularly pleasing when teams from Bressingham, Heacham and Red Lodge plus Melanie from the Cotswolds duly arrived to participate. In addition Norwich, Sprowston and 51 Club were also represented. It was also pleasing to welcome our newest Club members Dave and Gill Abbott to their first tournament.

As predicted the event provided many unexpected results with no team recording a 100% record.

At the conclusion the top eight placings were as follows:-

1. Tony Desposito and Daniel Shevlin 4 wins 1 draw +32
2. Dianne Shilling and Les Shilling 4 wins +21
3. Janet Wicks and Mick Wicks 4 wins + 6
4. Pat Papworth and Chris Peel 3 wins 2 draws +18
5. Bob Urquhart and Enzo Diprata 3 wins 1 draw +11
6. Curtis Hoy and James Urquhart 3 wins +13
7. Adrian Hubbard and Matt Faulkner 3 wins +6
8. David Abbott and Gill Abbott 3 wins +2

Special mention also to Mary Almey and Peter Neville who only recorded one win but finished with a respectable points deficit of just four points.

Thanks to all individuals involved in the pre-planning and helping out on the day at both events.